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  • Get Guidance-certified fitness trainer, master motivator and virtual fitness trainer Wes Virgin shares the easy, step-by-step way to turn your metabolism all the way up.
  • Get Knowledge- because when you know how your body works, you can put its fat-burning power to work for you…even while you’re sleeping.
  • Get Great Food- because satisfying, tasty, nourishing food energizes your body and torches the fat away.
  • Get Motivation- Wes shows you how to totally change your mindset… so your body can follow. In just a few seconds a day.
  • Get Answers- Wes and his staff of dieticians and nutritionists answer all your questions.
  • Get Your Body Back- with short, invigorating workouts so you look as good as you feel.
The Fat Diminisher+ Package: the All-Natural Fat-Busting Program
More than 100,000 people have tried Fat Diminisher… and the average person loses about 22 pounds during the first month! Read on to learn exactly how they did it… and how you can too.

The Fat Diminisher Kick-Start GuideIf you want to lose up to 30 pounds and turn the clock back by up to 8 years in just 4 weeks, consume these exact herbs and minerals first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
The Fat Diminisher Program This comprehensive program features

  • Natural, powerful herbs and minerals to rejuvenate your damaged cells. As your body sheds fat on your journey to your goal weight, you can grow younger by 10, 20 or even more years.
  • Delicious smoothie recipes to purify your body of harmful toxins, harsh chemicals, heavy metals and free radicals.
  • The Progressive Tracking Formula so you can watch your fat diminish and your muscle (your most vital fat-burning organ) increase. (No worries, ladies, don’t worry: you’ll look toned and trim, not hulky!)
  • Tasty, satisfying food that makes you feel fabulous.
The Truth About Veggies: The Veggies That Make You Fat
Stop eating them before they kill you. One of them is used to produce a deadly—yes, literally deadly—carbohydrate that you’re probably eating today.
The 4-Minute Belly Diminisher Video

Now you can shrink your tummy or your muffin top without a single second of cardio. Just use this video, plus a little-known belly-fat-melting detox made from ingredients you probably already have.
7 Minute Boot Camp Videos

These invigorating whole-body exercises torch your fat away. You’ll look amazing whether you’re a man who wants to be muscular or a woman who wants to be toned.
The Latest Nutritional Information

Whether you want to know the truth about alcohol and weight loss, if gluten-free foods really help you lose weight, or just enjoy great new recipes, Wes Virgin keeps you up-to-date.
Sex Food Stimulants

Although this is a personal subject, the truth is, being overweight and unhealthy can wreck your sex drive. Let this proven guide improve your sexual health… without side-effects or expenses.
Advice and Support

Wes is passionate about helping people live happier, healthier lives. He’ll answer all your questions while providing support, encouragement and motivation.


How Do I Get Fat Diminisher?

This exclusive program is only for registered members of Fat Diminisher. So



To get the body you crave…naturally.After that, you be the judge. Fat Diminisher gives you everything you need to lose all the weight you want. However, if you are not completely and totally satisfied, for any time, or any reason, you have up to 60 days to claim your 100% money-back refund. Simply contact Wes and he will refund every penny you paid, without any questions at all.
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